Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

Metal eating implements

We're back from Japan and gradually getting used to the rather heavy two-handed set of metal implements that westerners use to eat food. The blunt knife you hold on your right hand and the thing with the prongs sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right. Feels strange.

New year was OK. We spent the actual new year with my somewhat re-arranged family at my aunt's large suburban house, now a matriarchy since the uncle died. Everyone asked "so what is your plan for coming to Greece then". Later on we went to a party of some Greek friends whom I had met when they lived in Edinburgh, where exactly the same thing happened. Eventually we had to ask them to stop repeating the question.

It's now the end of Jan 1, we've been out for coffee and for a film, and bought some other things too, but not seen a Euro anywhere except on the information boards...


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