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And some more...

So, yes, I've been having a nice time, both because good things are happening around me and because good things are happening to me. Also because bad things have stopped happening to me - not a small factor. Altogether I feel that life is being rich and good, as it has not been in years, and am becoming relaxed and at ease with myself. And I've been complimented that I look about ten years younger. Awwwwww...

Now... there is the whole issue about the country going to Hell in a handbasket as we speak. It's important. Really, it is quite important, and I'd call it an elephant in the room if I had space for more metaphors. I don't know what to do about it because, you see, what I do is write, and censorship stops... Censorship clips your wings and throws them away so that other people never know you had wings once. Censorship sucks!
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