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Edinburgh Festival 2005: 8/10

Good things
  • All the good artists turned up after hours either at The Forest or The Bongo and performed again, for free and with more of their heart in it. And you could meet them too and tell them they rocked.
  • There was less of a crowd of tourists, it was easy enough to find tickets, and there was less gratuitous hype.
  • The Film Festival abandoned any pretensions of poshness and stayed closer to normal scruffy Edinburgh people.
  • The Spiegeltent and Aurora Nova were once again in good form.
  • Hey, it's the festival. The festival is always wonderful. There's scores of people partying and stuff happening every night.

Bad Things

  • The anachronistic, obscene, racist, violence-glorifying, patronising and noisy military tattoo. This year with especially chilling slide projections saying "England (sic) expects every man to do his duty".
  • Comedy, comedy, comedy, comedy... comedy, comedy... comedy. What is the fascination with ordinary, un-politicised comedy? Rescuing people from their dreary lives?
  • Stupid corporate crowd-herding events like films on the mound and Rolf Harris.
  • The expanding C and Assembly Rooms empires.
  • "Now we have to be bored for 11 months" - unknown Bongo spectator

That was a good festival. I've enjoyed myself enormously, absorbing images, sounds, and people and partying until morning far too often for my old age. Now feeling all content and relaxed.


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