Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

Serenity: 8/10, and that's damn good for a space opera

If you like good fantasy of sci-fi, don't bother reading reviews and just go see that film. If you only like subtle French movies about relationships, you won't hate it.

Good Points

  • Excellent pace, direction, editing, scoring, and photography. Startling and scary
  • Subtle, intelligent, multidimensional characters with feelings and common sense. Bad guys with a sense of measure. In spaceships! This guy can write scripts.
  • Good setting, nice hardware, spectacular battle and martial arts sequences.
  • Noble politics, progressive values. A healthy approach to spirituality.
  • Strong female and non-white characters. In fact many strong characters.

Neutral Points

  • The two main plot devices are not sufficiently connected with each other.
  • Employs a stereotypical, irredeemable and unsubtle bad side.
  • Appears to be conceived as a series.

Bad Points

  • Filled with references and ideas from every great SF movie or book.
  • Characters are a bit too scripted or witty at times. Main bad character rather under-delivered in development and emotional impact.
  • Battle sequences filmed at close range, somewhat jarring camerawork.
  • Central political issue is idealistic, lacks relevance to real world.
  • Everyone is of conspicuously Anglo-Saxon culture, despite random kanji.

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