Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

Approaching Darkness

My ability to deal with the world has been repaired, after having a good 14 hours of sleep. Now feeling all fluffy and friendly and looking forward to the weekend, but also thinking "Duh! I should have gone to BiCon".

The other day I saw a film that an Edinburgh director made in 48 hours. It was surprisingly good for the constraints. Today I saw a German film showing seven days of the week in someone's life, but each day taken from a different year. I like experimental film.

Here's attempt #6 at making music.

On the day I could do nothing right, I did find an article I'd half-written two years ago. I had searched all my computers, but it was saved as a private LJ entry. Me pleased.

If it all works out, I may be in Greece in a week's time, and then again on 16-17.

Now off to see a show, preferably with naked magic tricks (yes, there's at least three of those on).
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