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Meta post about LiveJournal License

As a bit of an idle pursuit, I've written a LiveJournal license, in other words a license document that I think captures a fair and obvious interpretation of what is permitted to do with the material in someone's LiveJournal.

What do people think? Does this reflect what you think is good norms about journals? Would you apply this license to your own journal? Is there a much better one elsewhere? Of course I realise the whole concept of blog licenses is a pedantic/geekish/idle idea.

Copyright statement: This is just a meta discussion about a possible license shown below in italics. The license does not yet apply.

Pavlos's obvious LiveJournal public license - version 1.0

All posts in this journal are written by and copyright of the journal owner. A post is a top-level article in the journal. The journal owner is Pavlos Papageorgiou.

The styling of the journal, headings, titles, icons, link text, or additional text that adorns the journal is also copyright of the journal owner, except where the material originates from the LiveJournal organisation.

All comments attached to posts in this journal are joint copyright of the journal owner and the author of the comment. This means that either party can reproduce comments as they see fit, and transfer that right to others with conditions attached. If you don't like this, don't comment.

Where a post or comment includes verbatim reproductions of text from another source, for example a news article, that text is copyright of the original source only and reproduced under the presumption of "fair use".

Material linked-to by posts or comments in this journal, such as essays, pictures, or music, is not automatically covered by this license. Please contact the presumed author to establish the license for such linked materials.

The owner of this journal reserves the right to delete, restrict, or change the license of any material they have joint copyright over. The journal owner may also modify without notice any material they have sole copyright over. In the case of licensing changes, you may choose to be bound by the latest license or a specific earlier version to which you were once entitled.

The owner of this journal grants the general public a perpetual, irrevocable, non-transferable license to read, store, and reproduce the material that the owner of the journal has copyright on ("the material") gratis, and for any purpose, subject to the following conditions (where "you" means "you the licensee"):

1. You must not misrepresent, or though inaction allow to be misrepresented, the authorship or copyright of the material. In addition, you must not falsely claim, or through inaction allow it to be assumed, that event accounts and experiences of the journal owner are your or someone else's accounts of events and experiences.

2. You must respect the confidentiality intended by the journal owner and evidenced by the use of "friends only" access to the material. You may only share the information in "friends only" material (verbatim or otherwise) with people whom you can be demonstrably certain have access to the original material as bona-fide LiveJournal users.

2.1 Since there is no way currently provided by LiveJournal to determine which others can see friends-only material (because of the use of friends groups), you must assume that non-one else can see the material, and keep it private, unless the journal owner makes it known otherwise.

2.2 You must only view the material if you exercise a high degree of care to prevent third parties sharing your LiveJournal identity, guessing your password, seeing friends-only material to which you have access by looking at your computer in a public space or when it is unattended, or accessing such material stored in your equipment. If you're not happy with this responsibility, you must notify the journal owner to de-friend you and delete any stored friends-only material.

2.3 You must inform the journal owner of any major breaches of confidentiality caused by your access to the material. Examples of major breaches are those that might reasonably affect the journal owner's legal predicament, employment, long-term relationships, etc.

2.4 You must comply with the the journal owner's bona-fide intentions regarding confidentiality, at a point in time that suits you. What this means is if the journal owner accidentally leaves a post open for a period, but clearly intends it to be friends-only, you must treat it as friends-only. However if the journal owner deliberately grants your access and then decides to withdraw it you are entitled to keep any stored material you may have.

3. You may not restrict or obfuscate a third-party's access to the material except in the manner required to comply with confidentiality. You must direct any third party who expresses an interest in locating the original material, or additional material, to this journal. You may not pass off a stored version of the journal as the latest version.

4. You may not misrepresent the license conditions governing the material, and you must direct any third party expressing an interest in such license conditions to this license document. Preferably you should direct third parties to the latest version of the license, but any other version is acceptable.

The above rules apply to all posts in this journal except this one post that contains this license document. This post is in the public domain, to encourage free re-use and adaptation of the license document to fit different needs.

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