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Creative progress

Hello there, this is an update. Yes! You may recall that I had managed to get a work project that involved a lot of creative satisfaction and a lot of stress, and was enjoying that despite the negative effects on life. Well, I no longer have one of those (a project, that is). As a result, I feel suddenly re-connected to life and people, very low in job satisfaction, and full of creative energy that's lost its conduit and is overflowing here and there. This is, overall, a good state to be in.

I was in Athens for a while and also went to Milos for a long weekend to see my dad and little sister (she's 4 years old). The whole experience went surprisingly well, except that I absorbed too much salt and UV radiation. I'm now going to be in Edinburgh until mid July. It would be nice to see people.

Meanwhile, here are attempts at making music #4 and #5

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