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Error: Failure to transcend

I'm in Athens, having finished a 2-week spell of teleworking. The actual teleworking went very smoothly. Social and emotional stress due to working in this way was considerable, and I'm still making my mind up about what I think.

On the way to Athens I passed through Frankfurt, where I admired attractive modern buildings, attractive men and women of both German and Asian origin (they keep fit, or are all single, or something) lying by the river, and a baroque theater-type building that they have (Alte Oper). They also had an exhibit of some inventions of the Icelandic Army, which were "of an observational character and did not involve a change of position". The devices were a sort of armored tent and a (manned) armored buoy. Very odd.

Last weekend I went to a wedding. The last time before that I had resolved not to go to any more weddings, as don't share an appreciation of what people are trying to do (declare permanent monogamous commitment) and actively disapprove of the way they go about it (ancient church ceremonies, performed by priests employed by the state, and witnessed by all manner or unfriendly but socially useful acquaintances). This wedding was not so bad. There was only one priest who looked like a hacker, the ceremony took place outdoors, and the reception was a more reasonable party for their friends. Mercifully, people didn't tend to ask if Anstasia and I were next (some other unfortunate friends are next).

Last Sunday I went to a memorial service for my late uncle (it is customarry to have them in Greece every year after their death, up to some point). More bearded priests chanting archaic Greek. But thankfully again, the family is quite modern and for the most part was going through the motions. Afterwards, we had a pleasant lazy afternoon. My younger cousin is getting married too. Oh dear.

So, an overall failure to transcend the socially imposed models of behaviour, but it was done in a rather bearable manner. Other than that, we went to two outdoor concerts (Manu Chao, David Byrne and others), discovered how freakingly expensive things are in Athens compared to other Euro countries, drank an unhealthy amount of coffee (yum!) and did an unhealthy amount of work.

Back on Sunfday afternoon. Rabbits, are you doing anything?


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