Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

9 Songs - 5/10 +1 sex, +1 affection, +1 made for fun

Nine Songs is a fantasy of youth. A young couple, or rather a fairly young man and a young woman, go to concerts, touch each other affectionately, and fuck a lot. They're both very attractive, the sex is entirely realistic except for the enthusiasm of youth, and watching them leaves you sweet and longing. This is a fantasy of youth clearly told though the eyes of a 30-something, and the whole point of the movie is to scream at you: RUN! RUN AND FALL IN LOVE NOW! BE YOUNG BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

It's also a charming porn movie, clearly made for fun by the director and his friends, almost thirty years after such a thing was daring. Michael Winterbottom is telling us that it's still daring, it's still possible, it's still fun, and it's still worth doing for the greater good, so bravo Mr Winterbottom (and the cast) for all that!

Good Points

  • Sex!
  • Affection!
  • Nothing bad happens to the characters at the end of the film as a result of all this sex and affection.
  • Rock n Roll.
  • Sex!

Bad Points

  • Shot in digital video, low quality.
  • Not enough character development to fall in love with them (it was not the point, but would have been nice)
  • Bad dialogue (it really is a feelgood love story porn movie :-).
  • Drugs, clearly added only to make the proverbial trio.
  • Could have used even more sex.

Poll #453168 And why do I think it was a fantasy of youth?...

Was your youth mainly filled with carefree sex and rock concerts?

Well, there was some of that but mainly it was about struggling to get to grips with who I am, other human beings, and what paths to take in life.
I wouldn't describe my youth by either of these choices.
I am very young and I look forward to sex and rock concerts.

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