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Tonight I did something I'd never done before. I sat in front of a musical instrument (well, a computer pretending to be a piano) and actually played a piece straight for 20 minutes rather than doodling with the keys.

To my complete amazement, the result sounded at least a bit like music and I could bear to hear it at least twice afterwards. It is, of course, monotonous, random, full of mistakes and gaps as I try to find things, and elementary by any real standards; but given that I know nothing whatsoever about music, like what notes you're supposed to hit together or how to place your hands on the keyboard, and I first touched the music keyboard two days ago, I am impressed. I've always assumed music to be a complete mountain of a skill, where you need years of practice to get any results at all, or at least I assumed it would be that way for me. Well, not quite so, it seems.

I think in the process I've learnt two things:

  1. Playing music for the first time is like dancing or cycling. You can't do it carefully bit by bit - you just take a deep breath and run with it.
  2. If you improvise according to your emotions, you will like your piece because just then you'll have these emotions.

Here it is, strictly at your own risk (23 min / 22MB mp3): My first piece of music


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