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Die Heimatsicherheit

Is it just me who finds the word "Homeland" the most Fascist part of "Homeland Security"? I can't believe that people use the phrase in anything but a derisory or warning manner.

The simple word "Security" is objective and sufficient (the English language elegantly distinguishes between security and safety), and more importantly comes with the right semiological connotations: Scepticism, compromise, imperfection, subjugation, force, abuse. If the word needed to be decorated, a traditional "State" or "National" qualifier would do - and would also be honest.

But what of this Germanic "Homeland" moniker? It projects at once an overwhelming sense of private ownership (as property or nationalist exclusion) as well as a barely hidden statement that private space will not be respected (the state claims it, in the name of security). It is dishonest on at least two levels (that everyone's home is at risk and that the State cares to secure them). And it is terrifyingly quaint.

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