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Things I did recently

Sneaked out to the "shag bed" in the living room to escape our young child and be able to have sex. I wish that he quickly grows up so it's his problem to have sex secretly.

Went to an exhibition on Miyazaki and Moebious drawings at the French state mint in Paris. Had trouble buying tickets because they'd run out of change. Drôle! The exhibition was good.

Had coffee, mulled wine, and creme brulée in one sitting. Walked around Paris very fast going "it's cold, it's cold!". Agreed with Aris when he finally got the point and exclaimed "cold!" (in Greek).

Ate too many whole red chilli peppers and so made myself violently ill for a couple of days. Or maybe it was the combination with red wine, coffee, and orange juice that did it... As one gets older, one has to watch these things.

Bought another Mac PowerBook, and gave the first one to Anastasia. Discovered that buying a second Mac is even more satisfying than buying the first. You connect the two and everything gets transferred for you automatically.

Completely failed to sleep with any of my attractive colleagues while being at a trade show for a week, as per usual. This year, however, I exchanged lots of cuddles with people so the whole experience was much warmer and, well cuddlier, than I was dreading.

Started playing with music-making software (Logic Express). Got myself thoroughly confused, which is probably to be expected as I know nothing about music. Discovered that mostly random notes sound OK if played slowly enough. Consequently lowered my respect to existing music that is like this.

Wrote various work documents (with nice diagrams too!) and felt pleased with myself. I think I'm getting good at writing documents, but then again it's almost all I do for work. The hard part, as is often said, is to know what you can leave out.

Decided to spend three weeks in the US, rather than fly back and forth for two separate work trips. I need to be in Washington DC at the end of January and California the third week of February. I may have some holiday in between, and maybe drive or take the train between these places. Suggestions/invitations to do stuff in the US welcome.

Generally coped with bad stuff that has happened or is currently happening to people I care about but is beyond my control. Planned to do what I can when circumstances allow. Having feelings sometimes sucks.

Been woken up by Aris banging me over the head with a book, usually one about Gossie and Gertie, two goslings, that he wants me to read to him. Recited said book by heart. Having children is exhausting, and for the most part excruciatingly boring. They like repetition, and also involving themselves in anything you try and do.

Mulled about exes, of whom I have very few, and lost friends. Decided that the thing I find most hurtful is not loss of mutual attraction (I can cope with that) but loss of intimacy. I don't understand how it could once have been OK to touch and caress someone and now it's not. Decided it's a mystery of life I have to live with.

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