Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

Schedule update

I'm in Athens until the end of this week. Saturday evening (23 October) I'm in London. Is anything happening that evening?

Sunday afternoon (24 October) I fly to Japan, until Sunday 31 October. Requests for Japanese oddities now accepted.

1-3 November I'm in Edinburgh and very busy. Hugh, you must come and get your hard disk - I apologise!

4-5 November I'm in Washington DC, for work and not any political reasons. More on this on my geek posts.

6-10 November I'm in Boston, or rather in a boring suburban area around Boston with lots of tech companies.

11-26 November in Edinburgh. Through great planning and foresight, everything will be in place work-wise and this will be a nice, stress free couple of weeks (Ha ha!)

27 November - 3 December in Chicago. Huge annual trade show.

4-22 December in Edinburgh with Anastasia and Aris. Probably away for a long weekend around 11 December.

24 December - 7 January, or thereabouts, in Athens

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