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Christmas in Hiroshima

Anastasia and I are in Hiroshima, where we nearly managed to escape Christmas but not quite. The Japanese seem to be studiously practicing Christmas as another western custom that needs to be mastered, complete with sleighs, shop assistants in santa uniforms crying out "blah, blah, blah, onegaishimAAAAs!" and pop adaptations of Jingle Bells.

Visiting the A-bomb dome on Christmas day seemed suitably moving. Other attractions of Hiroshima were a ridiculous quantity of oysters and spaghetti (again a perfectly executed western recepie), beautiful Miyajima island with a shrine gate in the bay, and a fantastic view of the bay and the rising sun (as you do) from the hotel.

Earlier, we enjoyed Kyoto but completely got over any urge to see a shrine or temple ever again. Osaka, although not a beautiful city, was an impressive sight. The temples at Nikko were probably the best in the trip, and Tokyo seemed almost empty because we went to places like the museum. The historic towns of Nara and Hagi were boring tourist spots.

We completely failed to visit Hokkaido, stay in a ryokan (inn), go into an onsen (hot bath), or eat enough spaghetti.

Flying back to London on the 28th, then on to Athens until the 6th.


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