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Sweet time

The week so far is being very pleasant. On Saturday there was much flirting and affection with several very cuddly people. Yummy. The rest of the weekend involved geeking with an old geek friend and hanging out with refreshingly not normal people, some of them with a rather weird imagination. And someone gave me a very elegant blue frog who now guards my computer - thank you!

On Monday evening I met a new person I'd noticed in various clubs before and chatted about fetish photography, common acquaintances who run clubs, and others who work with famous comedians. I also had a deep conversation with a very friendly (and very pretty) friend about relationships, affection, birthdays, living in two places, and the difficulty of keeping nice hair.

Tuesday involved discovering a new and most decadent brand of chocolate, much talking, eating food under a tree (!), drinking strange beer, and very much affection. Yummy yummy. My flat was once again pronounced nice, and I didn't hear objections about my rather wide music collection :-)

Today I've had a first personal chat with someone I've known professionally at work (hi there!) whom I suspected would be just outside geek culture. And it was true - we chatted about what geeks do with their lives, gaming, social gaming, and the surprisingly (to non-geeks) open and personal habit of journaling.

Then, on the way back from the pub (mmm... Dark Island) I stopped at an espresso/deli shop and I was in a good mood so I started chatting with the two Scottish women who worked there. One of them asked if I was from Orkney, on account of having curly hair. Aw...... :-) that's the sweetest thing I heard in ages.

I think I'll smile at people and go meow meow for the rest of the week...

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