Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

Review: XXX 4/10 + 1 for daring

I finally saw XXX by La Fura Dels baus at the fringe. It is apparently "based on Philosophy in the baudoir, by Marquis de Sade", like all shows involving sex. It is a rather liberal 21st century adaptation. La Fura is a quite talented physical theatre group.

Good points:

  • Very pretty naked Spanish people with much physical skill and energy.
  • Funny. Trivialising. Not menacing even when the subject is.
  • Porn and multimedia (real) sex all over the place.
  • Creative reflection on the selfishness of sex as applied to modern times.
  • Large audience, not only composed of perverts.

Bad points:

  • Very poor limits management. You spend your time wondering what is acceptable.
  • Clumsy (fake) sex on stage. Overall performance very un-erotic.
  • Too much mulltimedia for its own good. Loud noises and smells.
  • Audience participation. It's just silly, or maybe...
  • Audience not sufficientlly composed of perverts to do anything interesting.

In summary, it's good to have shows which present sex in an "in your face" provocative manner, because it's good for The World, and this one delivers, after a fashion. It's also amusing, unexpectedly. But actually I'd recommend seeing a proper period staging of De Sade that's actually sexy, some other work by La Fura which isn't about sex, or the attempt by Cirque Du Soleil to stage a sexy Ciircus-style show.



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