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My work has mandated the use of Mozilla Firefox. Yay! Obviously the engineers were using Firefox anyway. Also at work, some colleagues are unnerved that I use a Mac (we're a Windows shop) and others want a mac too.

In a fit of consumerism I bought a huge hard drive and I'm now ripping all my CDs lossless so that A. I can easily make compilations, B. I can save shelf space in my living room, C. I can feel cool in a kind of pathetic geekish way. I now have a silly 0.5TB of accessible disk space (wired up and formatted) in my flat.

I also have an old Intergraph ZX10 workstation with 2GB of RAM (four DIMMs of PC100, I believe) dual PIII 750MHz CPUs, a very nice Intel server MoBo, a 32MB nVidia GeForce 2, a cool-looking but noisy black case, and about 80GB disk (not counted above). There's some problem with it that prevents me installing Linux. You're welcome to have it if you're prepared tinker with it (i.e. it's free but I'd rather see it put to good use). If you want to make it go but don't want it, you could help me donate it to The Forest.

In the actual work aspect of work, there is some interesting design work to do in a brand-new area of our field (I can't say what we're doing, but no other animals are harmed by our work). This time I've tried the approach of holding design meetings about one controversial aspect of the design at a time, and I think this is proving popular with the team. This is possible because the time-frame is very long, of the order of 18 months. It's quite rare that we have this opportunity.


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