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... comme les autobuses Anglaises

So, I was ready to go out, wearing my black jeans and my black "mainstream" T-shirt when I realised I had the wrong colour umbrella still in my bag (blue). It could rain, so I went back into my flat and picked up the correct umbrella (red). I sometimes worry that I'm becoming superficial in my old age, but then dismiss it.


Dear oh dear...
Well yeah, it's important.
Use banana leaves!

Anastasia called yesterday to moan that she was involved with some kind of political event, but the Greek team had a football match that evening and so they were expecting a low turnout. We shared a dim conception that the Greek team might be doing better than expected, hence the problem. Today she called me at work to have a lengthy conversation about possible occupational hazards to the oprators of new luggage and container scanning equipment, hastily installed to make the Americans feel safer during the Olympics (the equipment is similar to the medical scanners that my work involves). I love this woman.



I've finally got round to putting songs in a playlist on my iPod, as opposed to just storing the albums, and somehow shuffled it by accident. It's a rather eclectic list, so now I walk around Edinburgh being pleasantly surprised as each different song starts. And the Pixies song about the monkey that's gone to heaven definitely makes no sense.

I've been walking around the city in a good mood again, making sure to look at the stone spires from all angles possible, and to include the terrace above Victoria Street in any itinerary where it's practical. It's a small city, and I sort of know what's under every stone, as Yannis once said, but I'm determined to savour it for the part of the time that I spend here. And the light that we get to see it under is truly wonderful at this time of year.

It's not lost on me that my life is very pleasant and fruitful at the moment, and at least part of this comes from having enough money to live comfortably. It doesn't improve the light that shines on the stone buildings of Edinburgh, but it does buy me time to look at it, or to worry about such things as going out with the wrong colour umbrella. So in case I come across as taking all of this for granted, I'm not, I'm deeply grateful to be so fortunate.



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