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Me not dead either

Hi Sibelian!

I've been living in Edinburgh since 1988 and it just occurred to me today that the the five parallel streets George, Queen, Princes, Rose, and Thistle might have been named as a set...



I have in fact been alive for at least two months now, just not updating LJ (go figure). I've been to Vancouver, where everyone is attractive and half-Asian and they eat sushi. They have fewer coffee shops than Seattle, making up the difference with fountains. Everyone's ridiculously happy and rollerblades to the beach. Vancouver has one street that manages to offer every kind of bad urban entertainment imaginable.



Anastasia and Aris came over and we went to Japan. We didn't have time to go to Hokkaido, so we went up to Morioka (s/Hokkaido/Scotland, s/Morioka/Durham) to get our Shinkansen fix. Aris was extremely impressed with the Japanese women, and indeed they with him. Apparently, he is かわいい. Anastasia was impressed with the Japanese men - かわいい too, I assume. I was busy sulking and looking at the scenery. No かわいい for me... Grrr :-)



I'm now in Edinburgh and life continues to be pleasant and relaxed. We went to the ECA to see some art. They had a big pile of junk, as you might expect. I liked some of the other exhibits.

Today I went by the nice sex shop to buy sensible condoms that anti-gay conspiratorial pharmacists do not stock, and the men in the shop wrapped them really neatly in a paper bag that had just the right proportions to hold them. I decided I like stereotypical gay sex shop owners.

I'm off to Greece at the end of this week, for two weeks. Anastasia is coming in early August to escape The Rings. Bongo Beltane Solstice Wednesday. BTW I have lots of affection available, so if you'd like some please claim it this week.



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