Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

Memetic behaviour

Hello again,

I'm in Boston for work. So far I've seen some suburban New England and various highways and tunnels. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Vancouver, for a medical conference that goes by the alarming name SCAR. I've met a great number of people who love Vancouver, and they're all completely unlike me. I'd like to go to montreal instead.

In Boston they have flags in lawns and as stickers on SUVs. I find it odd that the people of such a huge, powerful, and insular country should resort to flags to boost their morale or sense of belonging. If, say, the Belgians feel the need for displaying a flag, yes, I can see that - but the Americans? However, I do find that sticking the flag on SUVs is consistent with recent foreign policy.

Other than flags, they have a weird value system evidenced in restaurants: Meat - good. Vegetables - bad. Size - good. Flavour - bad. It's almost as if they want to extract feral pleasure (or status?) from killing animals to put on the plate, rather than enjoying good food. Generally there's a huge over-emphasis of abundance over goodness.

As for memes for myself, I mokeyed ciphergoth and now have pavlos_photo. I'll pass on the "what would you like to do with me" meme because honsetly the answer is almost always "sex" and the posters either didn't allow rude entries or they know already.


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