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Boring update


I'm well, and in Athens. With any luck I'll be in the US and Canada next week, and then in Edinburgh on the 25th. There's a chance that the American trip may be cancelled, in which case I'll be in Edinburgh earlier.

Work is going very well, but there's piles of it and most of it is either little issues that need tracking or long and rather boring documents. Neither is my strong point. At least I feel I'm being reasonably productive.

Personal life is, well OK. Some important things have happened recently which have had a sobering effect. I feel as if some sources of approval have gone and I need to re-assert or change certain aspects of myself. I also feel that (the rest of) life is rather short to spend blandly getting on, and I'd rather have strong emotions including bad ones. This is unlike me. As for day-to-day personal life, I wish both Anastasia and I had a little bit less work, so I could actually see her during the day!

I've got qute a few half-made writing on politics and other stuff. Somehow my mood changes soon enough that I don't publish them. Another leisure activity, BattleMaster, is more rewarding. I've succesfully resolved two people-related crises.


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