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If you call me...

Pavlos: You know me in an English-speaking context. That's most people.
Pavlos: You're French.
Pavlos-san: You're Japanese (duh!).
Παύλο: You're Greek, using the standard inflexion for addressing someone.
Παύλε: You're my friend Γιάννης using an archaic and rather funny inflexion.
Mr Papageorgiou: You're either American or we're having a business transaction over the phone. British people don't tend to use names face to face.
Κε Παπαγεωργίου: You're a Greek in some official capaciity, bank, etc. trying to throw me off by making me think I'm my dad.
Κε Φραντζεσκάκη: You're Greek, you know my partner or my son, and you're too quick to assume that we have the same surname (in fact that they took my surname). However I probably won't bother correcting you.
Paulos: You're some business acquaintancce who's probably not very important and who can't take people's details accurately.
Mr Papageorgiov: Yov're Edinbvrgh Covncil. I svppose I covld expect no better...
Mr Durward: You're either BT or a telemarketer, looking for my landlord. I actually want to speak to you if you're the former, because it means I've forgotten to pay you and you'll cut off my phone (but now I have DSL bwahahaha!).
My King: You're a player of the game of BattleMaster in the realm of Perdan. Either that or one of us needs to see a doctor.
Evil, worthless scum, etc: You're a player of the game of BattleMaster in one of the enemy realms.
Boss: You're a project manager at work, who was at times my boss and certainly not the other way round, and you've been waiting to see me to ask a question.

In other news, I feel a lot less stressed having gone over an important event at work, I'm still very happy with my Mac although I can now bear not using it for several hours, and we should try to meet up tomorrow or this weekend. I'm going too Greece on the 27th.


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