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Bright are the clouds

Well, the tiredness and other petty annoyances have dispersed, and the evil lurking beast-feelings have gone back to their dark cave. And cold, wet cave. And mouldy and foul smelling it is too. And with stalagmites to prick their feet! I'm actually quite happy today.

I did the first day of my "working at home" trial week. It is evident that I need ADSL, but otherwise it went well. I get to do lots of work and eat proper food, wash up, etc. in the gaps that I would otherwise spend pacing up and down in the office. The only downside is that by 7:30pm I want nothing more than to get out of the house. I need to start getting out before I start work, or even at lunchtime (!) to get some air.

It was beautiful afternoon; cold, but the light was sharp and gentle at the same time. I met Harry and Sofia and we went to Bonsai. They liked it, and Sofia even ate some salmon sashimi, which, if you know her, is unbelievabe. The place does need to install a ventilation device though. Going home with hair smelling of sesame oil is very authentic, but eventually annoying.

Afterwards, we went to mine and played Carcassonne, which I of course won, as I always do except when Ben is playing. And Evgenia liked my cooking. And, most impressive of all, my mouse wheel now works under Linux! At this rate, even my microphone, which currently behaves in the same manner as Ciphergoth's, will produce non-zero samples.

Since the various depression and frustration-causing factors have gone away, I'm back to the other stable state (fortunately more common nowadays) of being horny as a Swiss shepherd band. So far, this makes me bouncy and talkative, and prone to touch all my friends whom I find attractive. Hopefully, Anastasia will arrive tomorrow evening (probably in a simiral state) and we can make some better use of this predicament.



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