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You defeat democracy and get beaten by snowflakes!


I'm back from the land where people are aggressive and stressed to the land where they are resigned and depressed.

This time round, Greeks in general were horrible! They were often very rude, smoked too much, and were building far too many roads and sporting contraptions. They made a mockery of democracy by nominating Mr. Papandreou III as leader of the "socialist" party by "popular vote" (everyone could go and vote for Mr Papandreou if they wanted). His (actually neoliberal) party prompty admitted a well-known conservative and a well-known former communist.

Greeks were also unable to deal with snow, as they are every year, claiming that snow happens too rarely for them to be able to deal with it. The civil aviation authority fined the Athens airport operator €3M for failing to clear the snow. They made a half-hearted effort and so a plane had a minor accident running into a pile of snow a few minutes after mine took off!

Over in Edinburgh, things are looking good, and I think they could turn much better if I slept normal hours.

This sign is overused! Can it go back to meaning gay/bi/alt-friendly please?


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