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Revised schedule

Here's the plan for next month:

  • 2002.04.27: Sofia, Harry, and other Greek person Evgenia arrive. First two probably stay at my flat for the weekend.
  • 2002.04.28: Philip Glass day. Koyaanisquatsi at Filmhouse, concert at Queens Hall.
  • 2002.04.29 - 2002.05.03: Working at home week.
  • 2002.04.30: Anastasia arrives at 23:00. We hopefully manage to catch some of Beltane.
  • 2002.05.01: Tentatively, unwise work trip to Dundee.
  • 2002.05.04: Sofia, Harry, and Evgenia leave.
  • 2002.05.04 - 2002.05.06: Trip to Lewis. Are we mad?
  • 2002.05.13: Anastasia Leaves.
  • 2002.05.13 - 2002.05.19: Work trip to Japan.

Afterwards, assuming the work-at-home week went well, some attempt at remote working from Greece.


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