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New York, yeah, NY

I've just arrived in New York, which I grudgingly admit is in New York. First impressions:
  • The Delta terminal at JFK is dingier than Heathrow(!) but in a "what's your problem?" way, not in the crushing "suffer you fithy working class!" way common in Britain.
  • Flags are flown all over the place with what seems like genuine injured pride, not in the institutional and somewhat bigoted way that the appear to be flown in other places (Chicago).
  • Manhattan is not completely flat! I had somehow always assumed it would be. Don't know why. Also, the "streets" are in fact of a size that you'd reasonably call a "street".
  • The area around the so-called Times Square (actually a bowtie-shaped intersection) appears to be a giant dollar-zizzler. You know the things: Dollars fly by, they get confused by the bright lights and veer towards the luminous panels, where they suddenly get burnt in a noisy and disgusting way.
I wanted to go to New York for at least 23 years. I remember this because on new year of 1980 I was in Nigeria and I thought something like this: "I was born in 1970 so that's my first ten years! In 2000 I'll be thirty. This is kind of unbelievable. Where would I like to be on the new year of 2000? Surely in New York, the centre of the World.".

I did't get there (and in fact the new year of 2000 was one of the worst times I've ever had). I don't know why I didn't come here until now - after all the trip is not that hard or even expensive. I think because my family travelled all the time I grew up with the attitude that travel happens to you. You go to places for a reason (although you may influence events to make it happen) and while you're there you enjoy the place as much as you can.

Anyway, let's go out and try to do that.



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