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Nueva York!

Hi, I'm still energetic and happy for no adequately understood reason. May have to do with enjoying myself. Who knows...

I get to be in New York next weekend (25-26 Oct). What should I do?

I likeI dislike
Anything original, provocative, liberating, or stimulating to the mind and the senses.Attempting to shock by disrespecting the audience, low production quality, pointless violence.
Sex, sex-positive perverts, their perverted artefacts and activities.Abusive and exploitative sexual offerings, titilation, macho male-bonding punters.
Left liberal independent politics based on argument, free thinking, question of authority, conscious collectivism.Politics based on personal low-impact living, shouting, seeking confrontation, assumed or forced collectivism.
Art, especially modern art, architecture, performance art and conceptsSport, mainstream films, franchises, tame entertainment produced by big companies.
Indie, good techno/D&B, underground, avant garde, original and unusual jazz.Pop, dance, classical, blues, musicals, big band and background jazz.
Asian, Mediterranean, South American, fish, healthy foodSteaks & fries, burgers, grilled protein restaurants.
Coffee, dancing, beer, talking, mingling, late nights, the 24-hour city.Smoking, drinking heavily, mornings, wine & spirits, posing, partying.
Walking, public transport, random encounters, savouring the city, looking at people in generalCars, long distances, excessive planning, "rides", closed events.
History of the city, immigrants, labour struggle, political rallies, the UNGuided tours, The Mafia, Frank Sinatra, 9/11 sentimentalism, the US


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