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Edward Said has died yesterday. Even the Israeli press vaguely acknowledged his work.

I have an increasingly dim view of the whole Hutton inquiry. Although an inquiry on Kelly's death ought to be made, I think elevating it to the main question of politics is at best unproductive and at worst a dangerous diversion. It obscures what ought to be political questions:

  • Who benefited from the war in Iraq?
  • What was the outcome?
  • Was the outcome as advertised?
  • Should we be pursuing such policies?
  • Is the government trustworthy in general?
With an overblown court case where all appears to hang on a knife edge, some technical detail of whether someone has lied or not. Undoubtedly they will find someone responsible, and all will be well again, with no change of policy and no further discussion.

I also note that dealing with politics in such a black-and-white manner seems to be an anglo-saxon tradition. Oliver North would be pleased.


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