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Shortbread castle in the sun

Life is rich and beautiful once more. My friends have emotions, good and bad, and are interesting, and organize friendly gatherings where we say and watch interesting things. Edinburgh is warm, and small enough to walk around, and the weatherbeaten sandstone buildings look like giant baroque biscuits in the sunlight. I can cycle around Holyrood mound after work without getting especially tried. Both the intellectual and the emotional parts of my brain are functioning, and as a result I feel indestructible.

My feelings are a lot clearer about what to do in life. Many thanks to all those who volunteered an opinion, on LJ or privately. I'm especially pleased to hear that my political rants are not rubbish. My new one, about Free Trade and what's wrong with it, should appear here in a few hours. Comments welcome, including suggestions as to whether there is a better place to submit such articles.

Update: I cancelled the rant because I got a huge list of replies of the form: You don't speak proper economics, and you make a left-wing point, therefore you must be an idiot. I need to write a version that makes the argument as clearly as possible.



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