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Memes of indignation

I've found through this that, apparently, my views on moral philosophy best match those of Jean Paul Sartre and least those of Plato. I was delighted, since I regard Plato as one of the great impediments to Western thought. However, purplerabbits, who is not at all an impediment to Western thought, points out that the useful and objective parts of Greek thinking have been absorbed into science, leaving the more mystical and questionable aspects as "philosophy".

I also discovered here (thanks yonmei) that I'm very comfortably within the richest 1% of the human population. Not 10% or 5%, but 1%.

First, this surprised me. I understand that I have a nice middle-class income, but I was expecting the global middle class to be larger. I sort of guessed there would be about 1 billion people in rich economies, and if the middle class was maybe 25% of that it would be about 5% of the total. But allegedly I'm in the top 1%. Argh!

Second, this is outrageous. Not about me but about the system. With my unimaginable, brutal, obscene wealth (not joking) I'm merely able to lead a pleasant life. Just that, pleasant and comfortable. I don't feel I'm immersed in luxury or live in idleness. I can certainly afford everyday commodities, but I can't readily afford certain important things (like good housing) and I feel only moderately secure against hardships that the future may bring. That is all, and I'm in the richest 1% of the population!!!

One must struggle to grasp how badly the global Capitalist system must be working, if that is all it can deliver to the richest 1% of the people in it. One percent is the elite of the elite. It is insane. If I lived in the most privileged 1% of the ancient world, I'd be a wealthy merchant or an officer of some kind. I'd fully expect to have slaves and organize orgies or symposia in my mansion, and to sponsor tragedies. I don't want to have slaves or a mansion, or more tragedies, but it is a startling indictment of our economic system that, with our breathtaking technology, it delivers so poorly. Even for the people for whom it is supposed to work.


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