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I have a project manager - Yeah!

I have a project manager. I always wanted one of those. The good side of this is that I can more easily go to Athens and he can manage my projects from day to day. The bad side is that I actually have to do some productive work! Like NOW I have to do some productive work. Anyway, I'm supposed to like doing productive work.

The plan for the next few weeks looks roughly like this:

  • 2002.04.18-21. Short holiday in Athens.
  • 2002.04.22-26. Possibly a "working at home week". We'll see.
  • 2002.04.27. Sophia, Harry, and a few other Greek geek friends arrive.
  • 2002.04.30. Anastasia arrives and is too tired for Beltaine :->
  • 2002.05.01-07. Trip to some nice place in Scotland.
  • 2002.05.04-09. These people leave. Yes, I know there's a hole in the plan.


    PS. The battery light on the Dell laptop (Latitude CPx) is flashing rapidly amber when the power is connected. I wonder if it means to tell me it's about to explode... We'll see.

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