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Sex and politics

Yesterday was mixed. I went to Glasgow to meet Maria of DOM, now also of KINDOM, a more commercial but still very artistic shop of theirs. Maria was well but could only think of her new business, which I tried to explained was common but unhealthy. I discovered that we share a taste in Asian food, among many things. I bought a fine lizard cushion and she gave me a glass brick with a bull engraving.

At various times during the day I sat talking to a very attractive and gentle young woman who was on her way to Glasgow, got some random good looks, and an outright compliment from someone. So flirting was good and I felt very pleased. No getting off with anyone though, as I felt much too tired to try. This keeps happening on Fridays and Saturdays. Grrr...

I also discovered that Glasgow, or at least the centre of Glasgow on Saturday nights, has a large population of people who appear spaced-out, very poor, and desparate to have sex in one sense or another. At one end of the scale there are street prostitutes who look like totally desparate junkies. But some of the young clubbers look not that different, and only slightly more organized. Hmmm... Maybe I've overestimated the wealth and re-generation of the city on past visits.

I'm getting more and more interested in politics, which will be the subject of another update. But it will have to wait, because today I need to go out and look for coffee, a cooker, coat hangers, a bookcase, olive oil, a new flat, food, ways to help people, and other stuff...


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