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The white cloud speaks

And up...

...and down. Shortly up again for the seventh flight this week. I'm sure there's something wrong with this but not sure what exactly. Now in Heathrow 1-2-3, possibly the worst-designed public building in human history.

Apologies for being too tired over the past few days to get out and see anyone, especially to Alison. I've been falling asleep by 8pm.
I'm now going to Athens to see Anastasia, Anastasia, more of Anastasia, and also Aris. We'll hopefully make it to some island, like Zakynthos (a.k.a. Zante). Back in Edinburgh on Wednesday afternoon.

It was a great day in Edinburgh this morning. Bright sunshine, cheerful people, clear light. I feel awake, calm, and sexy in the playful way that I like most. And this has been quite common this year! I think the quiet, calm, happiness I've had in the year so far is more than that of 2001, and 2002 put together.

I don't know what causes this. Part of it is confidence. I used to feel either afraid or guilty of everything, and now I don't. Almost as if I've grown up, but in a good way. Now, it hasn't escaped my attention that this year Anastasia and I have had a child. He certainly creates some happiness directly, but nowhere near enough to explain the differene. Maybe other, less direct, forces of happiness are at work. Weird!


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