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Boring healthcare question

What do you do in Britain when you think that something should be treated but your GP thinks no treatment is necessary?

About six months ago I fell off my bike and hurt the joint connecting my right thumb to the hand. Now, this is clearly not life-threatening. I can use my thumb almost as well as I could before, but not quite. I have less strength in it, it's less flexible, and I can feel the joint being a different shape than the normal one. So, clearly I can survive like this, but I don't want to end up with a useless right thumb when I'm 50 or older. An opposable thumb is, after all, one of the features that distinguishes me from a bear!

How do I find out what standard my GP is actually aiming for? Does he intend to get me fully repaired, or does he think I should accept some loss of movement because after all my condition is not serious? Is there some procedure to follow when you think you may need more/better treatment under the NHS? Should I change to a new GP?

I could go to a private doctor but firstly I don't believe in this, and secondly they would have the opposite bias: They would profit from treating you unnecessarily. So my main question is, how do I get a doctor to give me accurate data to make my own decisions as to whether I should get further treatment or not?



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