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When I meet random strangers in pubs, the following conversation always takes place:

- Hi!
- Hi.
- I'm X, what's your name?
- Pavlos.
- ?
- P-A-V-L-O-S.
- Where are you from?
- Athens.
- Ah, you're Greek!
- :-|
- Are you here on holiday?
- No I live here. (Why would I come here on holiday?)
- What are you studying?
- Nothing, I work here.
- Ah, what do you do?
- I work for a software company. (I don't really write software any more, but let's not get into this)
- Ah, what kind?
- Computer graphics, for medicine. (More explanation if they seem interesting)
- Sounds very interesting!
- Yeah, it is, it's a good job.
- So, how long have you been in Edinburgh?
- Since 1988.
- Wow! You must really like Edinburgh!
- No, actually I don't really. (I hate it at times. It's been good recently)
- So why do you stay here?
- My job is very good. (And other reasons, which are complex)
- Don't you ever want to go back to Athens? Like, to get away from the rain? (What an original suggestion...)
- No, I don't really fancy going back to Athens. (I may be a loser, but not to that extent. I would have gone by now.)
- Oh, so where would you like to go?
- Some other city. London, Paris.
- You like London better than Edinburgh, do you?
- Yes.
- Why?
- It's much bigger and there's tons more interesting things to do. On any random weekend you can find really interesting things to do. Up here, there's often nothing worthwhile.
- Hmmm... I don't like big cities very much myself. Edinburgh is the right size for me.
- :-) (That would be why you are in Edinburgh)
- So, why don't you move to London?
- Can't afford it, or at least can't afford to live in the center and enjoy all these things. (And other personal reasons)
- Ah... Do you like the festival then?
- Yes! I like to see all these different people from all over the world.
- I don't like the festival, it's too crowded.
- :-| (Bof!)



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