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Intrigue and mystery

My kingdom is still in deep trouble. We're being attacked by a rather solid alliance of three others, and there are five more strong realms who are allies of our enemies but abstaining. We have no active allies and 2-3 friends.

Interestingly, another king has assassinated one of the three who are attacking us, so they'll get a new king. We're also pretty sure we have a spy. So now would be a good time to feed some disinformation through the suspected spy, and also by speaking directly to the new king to try and make a gap in their alliance. Does anyone know how to go about making gaps in enemy alliances?

Meanwhile, in real life, I'm confronted by the following mystery: The big wall clock in my bedroom is almost exactly an hour fast. On monday I got up an hour early, by that clock, called Anastasia who remarked that I was up early, and went to work an hour early when I finally discovered what time it was. So how did that happen? I can only think of the following:

  1. The clock has been getting fast over several days and I never paid attention before.
  2. Someone has entered by flat through the fire escape, stepped over the baby cot that blocks the window, adjusted the clock Amelie-style, and went away.
  3. I sleepwalk and sleep-adjust clocks.
  4. The clock has developed a weird fault that made it gain an hour suddenly.
Not that it is of any material importance why the clock is fast but, like, it's not random noise in the reality feed. The clock is very definitely one hour fast. Maaatrix... Maaatrix...



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