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Strange voices

I didn't feel like going to Ascension, but in the positive "I don't feel like it" sense not the "I'm miserable" sense. I'll try and catch up with the survivors tomorrow. I'm at home, listening to the lovely, intensely human voices of Slava, a Scandinavian theatre group who played here last Fringe. I'm finding out what else there is to do, so:
  • Film: Dolls, by Takeshi Kitano. GFT (Glasgow), all week
  • Film: Werckmeister Harmonies, by Bela Tarr. CCA (Glasgow), 3 June
  • Film: Lilya 4-ever, by Lukas Moodysson, Cameo, this week
There's also The Matrix Reloaded and Secretary, if there's a group of people going.


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