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Film Review : Frida (6/10)

Good things
  • Emotionally powerful and moving.
  • Intellectually stimulating.
  • Pretty people (well, women mostly) having sex.
  • The 20s and 30s, before they made a mess of everything
  • Mexico. Light, people, song, everything.

Neutral things

  • Frida Kahlo's life provided the emotional and intellectual strength. The film is good, but all they needed to do was not screw it up. They didn't, and that's good in kind of neutral way.
  • Not stupid Holywood fable, or at least very slightly.
  • Interesting creative approach to bringing the paintings into the film.

Bad things

  • Makes you sad. Well, me anyway.
  • The main thread is about the dilemma between loyalty and passion.
  • Diego Riviera was just not sexy, no matter what all these women thought.
  • Americans with stupid Mexican accents

Reviewer's note: So, I'm a shallow person. I like only things that are emotionally powerful, intellectually stimulating, or about sex. Other things just don't interest me. All right?



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