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Something short

Well, OK, I got the two big rants out of the way, sorry for the wheel-wearing.

I just wanted to say that life is pretty good at the moment. The weather is wonderful, with bright sunshine every day (and that's in Edinburgh). My friends seem to have come out of hibernation, and I'm also meeting new people, as well as seeing more of people I knew already and really like to spend time with. The last two weekends have been great, in fact.

I do have to do a mind-numbingly boring task at work, but other work is quite relaxed, so I don't mind. I get to progress a little here and a little there in my other small projects too: Reading politics, ranting, being king, programming for the game. At this stage, I feel there's not enough time left to do stuff in Edinburgh before I go to Athens on Saturday.

I'll be in Athens for two weeks, until the 27th. Then Anastasia and Aris will be here for most of May.

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