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Brain busy, try again later

I'm still here and reading everything and, well, it's not that I have too little to say but rather too much, and I'm not sure it's worth saying all of it, or a good idea. Whenever I try to think about any one of the arguments currently going round, the tree explodes (a geekish way of saying that I get carried away in the many threads of the argument and reach no useful conclusion).

I am, however, still in Edinburgh. The trip to Japan has been cancelled. I'll be here all of next week, and going to Greece Sat 12 - Sun 27 April. Anastasia comes here the same day for a month. I'm currently trying to decide whether to go to London for this weekend. While I'm absolutely *^%%$ bored of being in Edinburgh generally, it's good if friends are around to do things with, and indeed last weekend was fab. This weekend Sandy is away. Any others?


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