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Oh, sorry, did your knuckles get hurt?

I'm reading Google news and it's sick: "Tornado shooting a tragic human error" (the Americans shot it down by accident). "Heaviest day of US casulaties" (16 dead, wow!). "POW shown in Iraqi TV - violates the geneva convention" (words fail me on this one). "Missisipi Woman recognizes son" (He appears to have been captured).

Get a grip! The US has started a war on the other side of the Earth, to prove its near-absolute power and to secure control of the oil there. If Afghanistan and the last Gulf War are any guide, it's going to destroy the country and cause hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead. The coverage given to the very few western casualties is deeply insulting to everyone else.

It's as if two professional boxers on a night out pick on a rude schoolkid and beat him to pulp, and then complainin that their knuckles got slightly hurt bashing the kid's soft head. And the lightweight boxer also complains that his heavyweight pal elbowed him by accident.


Update: Marine from Buffalo killed. No, not marine buffalo. This sounds increasingly surreal. I expect penguins to be involved soon.
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