Pavlos (pavlos) wrote,

Pleasant day today

The weather was good and I went out gathering photons for lunch. I even caught a few high-energy ones. Due to the combined effects of exercising and a new espresso machine (and no sex), I feel all bouncy and full of energy. Even at work, and even late on a Friday evening. It can't last.

Lately I've been finding work boring because goals, and such, are all up in the air and so it's not satisfying to complete anything in particular. However, it's been getting better. I wrote a document lavishly decorated with our very, very, fine rendered images of blood and bones. Discussed interesting new technologies to use, and actually been told by a boss that I should do this more. Pretty good.

I'm enjoying the game of BattleMaster very much, but it takes a horrendous amount of writing. I must have written something like 10000 words last week. Although I have time to read LJ and comment, I find that my capacity to write text is exhausted. I must cut it down... Anyway, still King.

About the real killing-people-type war, my first reaction is to be disgusted at the change in tone of the newspapers (UK) since Thursday. Until then, even the mainstream papers recognized that the case for war was rather lame and talked a lot about opposition. Since thursday, the front pages had artistic pictures of soldiers against the sunset, burning Iraqi buildings, and childish graphs of ships and planes around a map. The titles were similarly void-heroic, about "our boys" etc.

I think we understand already that modern war can make attractive pictures. Fireworks were always photogenic, and planes are very stylish, yes, thank you. If you want to enjoy this, play a game or see a movie. As for the "support our troops" angle, I could see it if it was a border war, even an unjust one, because at least they are between you and the threatening enemy troops. But "support our aggressor troops in this imperialist war 5000 kilometers away", eh... no! Why? What are the Iraqis going to do if the UK troops pull out? Not-attack us? Not-attempt terrorist revenge?

Anyway, must go and buy French things...


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