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Film review: Irreversible - 1/10

After much prevarication, I went to see the film Irreversible, which as you know, is very violent and is about someone being raped. Bad film. Uncreative, full of cheap tricks.

Good things

  • Scenes ordered backwards. This works, creatively.
  • Worty subject, itself treated with OK politics.
  • The victim and her partner are both pretty.
  • The bad guy gets killed.
  • A good purgatory experience, if you're looking for one.

Bad things

  • Flashing lights, swinging the camera round and round. Uncreative, disrespectful to the audiene.
  • Said camera work being used to condition the audiene with fear. Cheap trick!
  • Said camera work being used to avoid showing clear views of gay sex. Another cheap trick.
  • Implication that gay SM sex somehow connected to rape and horrible violence.
  • Glancing views of graphic sex, but only in a negative context. So, hard cocks = bad. Only tame cuddling good.
  • Forced sex is the smaller of the victim's problems. Being threatened and brutally assaulted is much worse. How does that serve the plot?
  • The victim discovers shortly before the event that she is pregnant. Great! So the rapist is not only brutal but also unromantic. That changes everything!
  • The victims partner acts like a monkey on crack for most of the film.
  • Prostitutes treated like irrelevant people.
  • No meaning to the film. Just violent.

So, there! Not impressed with Mr. Noe.



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