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British people can't cook aubergines (and one of them is bad at geography)

Aubergines are naturally sour, even ripe ones. However, most recepies involving aubergines don't intend them to be sour. There are two ways to remove the sour taste: One is to cut the aubergine into slices and fry it for a bit, after which you can serve it fried or baked. The other is to cut it into small chunks and leave it for a few hour in very salty water, after which you can drain the water and use the aubergine in a casserole. So if anyone asks...

I did make it to the Glasgow anti-war demo, for which I feel pleased. I met nine, as well as some people from work, which was good (I like meeting friends by chance, in a positive superstitious kind of way). The demonstrators were very, very, different from each other, which is also really good. I got a slight, "OK, what do we do now?" kind of sense, especially at the rally, but it was good to just turn up there in numbers. Eventually decided that if I had been organized enough to write a plackard it would have read "A NUTCASE FOR WAR?". Ah, well, l'esprit de l'escalier... I'd also like to know what is the population of Iraq. Probably smaller than the total number of people who demonstrated around the world - although we are demonstrating against our own brutality, not so much for the good of Iraq, I think.

As you know I'm playing a medieval war game on the web, and I'm currently king somewhere. One of the other kings has said this: "I'm sorry that this is off-game but ... It seem most, if not all, leaders around the world are acting exacly like us. And well we can act like children and it's only bits and bytes we affect, not peoples". Sweet, and my sentiment exactly for the last few months. We've been organizing a game-war since the new year and Mr. Bush's rhetoric has been, well, not much more convincing than ours.

And today I've met a person who had never heard of Athens! Not one of the war protesters, thankfully, a random polite conversation. Breathtaking still! The city has been there, like, long enough that you'd expect most people to have noticed it by now. Japanese people invariably know where Athens is: "Aaa! Atena... Girisha". Even Americans have some inkling where Athens is: "Somewhere in Europe...". But that's the first time I met someone who said "Athens? Where's that?". This person admitted always being bad at geography...

Anyway, I'm late for meeting purplerabbits. My head still hurts for drinking beer too quickly in Glasgow. Owww... I need to get ready and drink water...


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