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Moderately human, with accessories

Hmmm... I'm less stressed. I convinced my boss not to send me to Vienna (I'd love to go, but not at about the time that Anastasia will be giving birth) and I seem to be sleeping better. Only got up at 7AM this morning, which is not too bad after flying back from Japan.

Anastasia posted me my Treo charger, so in a couple of hours (restore over serial) I'll have a functioning mobile and PDA. Yeah! I feel like a modern human being once more. And one with a T-shirt with a picture of an octopous!

There will probably be a game tonight, when I get to amuse Ben and Bobby by telling them that Anastasia is pregnant. I don't like to discuss it it work, since colleagues tend to regard children as cute puppies and congratulate you for having them, so ben and Bobby probably don't know, unless they do through gossip.

Over the weekend I'll be in London if Eleni is going there (are you?). Next weekend (23rd) off to Athens for three weeks. So in the meantime we should meet up, Edinburgh people. Also, where is ciphergoth nowadays?


Update: Ultrablack

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