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Useless in Japan

Hello everybody, I'm in Japan again. For a mixture of jetlag, work stress, too much coffee and too much food, I feel unable to write a genuinely useful post. Here is a cheap imitation.

Ten good things about Japan:

  1. The light.
  2. Safety & respect.
  3. Newspapers (based on English version).
  4. Money. All in cash and no surprises.
  5. Swords. Old, sharp, insanely expensive pieces of cultural heritage.
  6. Pasta. Probably best in the world, certainly fishiest.
  7. Fish. Everywhere and in everything, usually raw.
  8. Shinkansen. Fast, accurate to the minute.
  9. Population density.
  10. Japanese.

Ten bad things:

  1. The air.
  2. Sexism & inequality.
  3. Porn. Amazing but true! Probably related to above.
  4. Work. Bad everywhere, but would hate it here.
  5. Social inferiority complex. Insanely expensive piece of cultural baggage.
  6. Luis Vuitton disease. Worst in the world, probably related to above.
  7. Suits. Everywhere and all the time, usually black.
  8. Planning everything to the minute.
  9. Population size.
  10. Engrish.

Blah! Must go out more...



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