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Sex Work

I'm sitting on a plane over Europe, something that by now feels very natural. I'm also away from Anastasia and pretty much un-contactable, which lets me be myself, finally. I so needed the space to do that that I'm enjoying the time on the plane. Oh dear! Also, my LJ instinct kicked back on. The plane is full of attractive, shapely, charming, stylish Greek women students and pathetic, bulky, spotty, football-ridden Greek male students. I feel like an "I would get more cock if men were less assholes" rant, but I'll save it for another day.

We passed the Alps. The Alps are spectacularly beautiful and, like other awe-inspiring open places such as Quebec, Sahara, or Siberia, make me appreciate the great truth of the Airbus TV commercial: Much better up here than down there. I think I'll be an early adopter of maglv cars in evacuated superconducting tubes. We're now over the cold, foggy, and boring plains of southern Germany. You can see how Germans would have wanted, say, France...

I'm reading the book Sex Work, which I bought in Chicago. It's the second (1998) edition. It flows really quickly, and I can at once relate to the frankness, humanity, and incredible straightforwardness of the contributors. Reading matter-of-fact accounts of good and bad paid sex encounters in a plane full of bored students is amusing. It's not like reading porn or dry newspaper accounts of sexual violence. It's just so powerfully, unashamedly, touchingly straightforward!


Landed. Now in Heathrow, a smelly, aggregated, malled-up place that I also know disturbingly well. Switched to rip-off SIM, archaic currency. Sigh. On the plus side, they do good espresso and leather armchairs on which to relax. The kingdom is being taken care of for the day :-) and Anastasia should be close to Frankfurt at the moment.

More Sex Work. Pimps are mentioned. I'm aware of this concept, of course, but my gut reaction is always the same: Apart from being amazed that such exploitation is possible (without people killing them, them going mad, etc.) I get the urge to kick their balls to pulp, wait, and then wring their necks. With rapists, you can at least imagine some of them doing it in an unstable mental state. But forcing people to suffer sex for money?...

A lot of the book is about the feelings of sex workers towards the customers. Apparently, another book specifically about the customers was being produced when Sex Work (2nd ed.) was published, but they don't mention the title. Does anyone know about it?

Having been a customer of sex workers myself, I find the accounts of what men (allegedly) want of prostitutes, and the sex workers' attitude that results, baffling. Apparently, (many) men are supposed to be after a power high, not a pleasure high, and treat the women, especially streetwalkers, as social punching bags just to re-affirm they can. I'd like to write a long article about my own (different) experiences and thoughts. Anyone have an opinion as to whether that sort of thing might be welcome in the sexworkers community?


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