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Fonts & popcorn

I warn you all in advance: This is a very, very trivial post. Indulgently trivial.

Having been in most of the weekend being moody and tending to my sick Linux machine, I made a genuine attempt to see Harry Potter on Sunday night. I thought I'd try the new Warner Village that's opened 300m from my flat. I didn't get past the ticket counter. The insufferable entertainment company have managed to piss me off so intenseley that I didn't want to see the film in the end.

Warner cinemas are well known for being full of popcorn-encrusted screaming kids, talkative adults, and generally annoying audiences. I discovered they have now started a loathsome service: For £12.50 a ticket, over twice the regular price, they offer to take away the annoying patrons and smelly fast food counters and let you see the film in an over-18 area where "you have access to a bar and a cloakroom; it's very nice for a special occasion". Argh! Airline lounge mentality! Pay for us to separate you from the other pass... sorry - patrons. Somebody bomb them, quick!

So, having failed that, I've managed to revive the Linux machine. The PCI card that John had given me years ago, and which for years had insisted it was a "Docking Station" has suddenly agreed that it is a Network Interface Card and functions perfectly. I managed to buy a second PII-400 CPU on Ebay (thanks Alison, for the suggestion) which now keeps the first, aging CPU company on the motherboard. I'm pleased - the machine is very unslow as a result. I've installed Gnome 2, for no other reason than to look at the lovely anti-aliased fonts. All the Gnome 1 applications now look crap as a result, so I can waste many hours fixing them too.

Well, I told you it was trivial.

We men are strange beasts. We are only really interested in a relatively narrow, tightly connected set of things. When these don't seem to be available options for a while, there's no telling what abstruse passtime our pack-evolved, evasive minds will contrive to smooth the passage of time and keep emotions in check.

:-) :-O :-P ;-)


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