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Short and benign post

I've created a long and quite bitter post (even by my standards) covering the last couple of days, but eventually decided against it. Not all frustrations should go into LJ, especially serious ones. I'll try to take some of them up, the slow and hard way, with the people involved. Hence, this is not a long and bitter post. It is a short and benign one.

Finally, I've managed to buy the right equipment and got ADSL working. As expected, the Windows laptop from work behaved like C3PO in Attack of the Clones: "I'm sooo confuuused...". The GNU/Linux machine behaved in its usual headmasterly fashion: "Connect to the network, you say... And what network would that be? I don't necessarily know of any network, but if you describe to me exactly which network you mean, I might let you connect to it. Aaaah! that network! Of course, there you are!". I will now download lots of porn until the novelty wears off...

Apart from being frustrated about a few things, mostly work-related, I am in fact very well. I still feel very energetic, desiring, and positive in general. I actually get a lot of stuff done, without my brain turning morose as it usually does when I do lots of things quickly. At least mostly. I do seem to lose a fair amount of money through not thinking enough before I buy things... But apart from that, even certain hard decisions, or at least discussions, that need to be made seem to be coming out of their haze and approaching me in the clear. All of this is good.

So yeah... Positive noises! Cuddling and comforting intentions extended to the (several) friends who are blue recently. Those who are close by, we should meet and talk and do weekend stuff...

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