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What a silly name for a city!

I feel rather better than yesterday, on several fronts. Despite a somewhat rushed day, I managed to get myself to the Basement roughly on time and enjoy lunch in the company of nickys, who eats hardly anything, very slowly :-) We discussed things like the ethics of animal farming and of immigration. I'd like my views on immigration tested with more debate. They are quite harsh on some subjects, and harsh views are often wrong.

I'm currently returning from Glasgow. Through good planning and swift movement I managed to get to the CCA in time for the Annie Sprinkle performance. I had, however neglected the small matter of tickets, and the event was sold out. Pleased that the world is so full of perverts, but a bit annoyed that they're also more organized than me, I spent some time browsing the Zweimmer bookshop there (a poor cousin of the one in Charing Cross Rd, London) before meandering my way back to the station. I found a huge number of bars and restaurants, discovered that Tower Records had closed :-( and bought some pesto and herbs just before boarding the train to Edinburgh, as you do.

It looks as if I will, in fact, make it to Greece for the week of 2002.11.17-24. This should generally increase happiness, reduce agamia (see earlier post) and generally enhance quality of life. Some useful talking may also be accomplished. Actually both quality of life and energy levels have been pretty good recently, I'm not complaining!


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